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Classy Shade is introducing its new line of garden fashion products which creates excitement and which enhances your garden and patio experience

Classy Shade new line of affordable garden fashion products

(est 2015)

Unveiling CLASSY SHADE latest collection, a synthesis of beauty, utility, and innovation, designed to bring your garden to life. Discover our plant umbrellas that blend protection with aesthetics, geometric marble Planter Sculptures that redefine elegance, sun-reflecting Tree Ornaments creating a warm ambiance, and Variations range with bespoke canopy designs.

Our full-line umbrella family introduces a unique garden fashion palette, tailored to your taste, offering for a revitalized, luxurious garden experience.

"They are exactly what I was looking for. I want 3 (more) La Jolla Sapphire Umbrellas."
— (RP 6/21)
"You have gone above and beyond. You are even classier than your Classy Umbrellas."
— (PS 7/22)
I am so excited to receive my marble sculpture … I feel like a 5 year old at Christmas!!!
— (SS 10/20)
"I received my plant shades today and I love them. They are exactly what I was looking for."
— (PL 8/22)
"I love the umbrella. Thank you so much for an amazing product and service!"
— (JH 8/22)
Based in South-West, USA
Est. 2015

John Haller Sr., the proprietor of Classy Shade, a a South Western United States manufacturer of fashionable garden accessories and protective items.

From the heart of South Western United State's lush landscapes and sun-soaked gardens, ClassyShades was born.

Our founder, a passionate gardener and ardent believer in quality, realized that the flourishing gardens of the world deserved more. More than just functional plant protection - they needed pieces that would accentuate their inherent beauty, pieces that would be conversation-starters, pieces that would make them truly shine.