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We believe in adding elegance to gardens and ensuring utmost care for plants. We craft a wide range of  products, carefully designed to enhance your garden's aesthetics while offering the necessary protection.

Transform your garden into a breathtaking oasis with Classy Shade
Balance & Beauty

Garden Harmony

Revitalize your outdoor space with CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrellas, blending style, functionality, and a hint of history.

Guard & Growth

Plant Protection

Ensure your plants' health and longevity with the protective benefits of CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrellas.

Style & Enhancement

Garden Design

Harness the power of design and CLASSY SHADE's Plant Umbrellas to transform your garden or patio.


Unraveling the origins of Classy Shades

Imagine a sun-baked, south-facing home entrance; its large, hard surface a beacon for the summer heat. Amidst this, we carved out a serene oasis filled with flowering plants nestled in planter pots.Yet, the peak of summer brought a challenge. The once-thriving plants fell prey to sunburn, wilted, and demanded replacement—an unfortunate, costly routine.

This spurred a call to action from my wife, inspiring an inventive solution.I constructed a charming, compact 2’ by 2’ umbrella from plant stakes and glue.

Surprisingly effective, it shielded our precious blooms, and its quaint aesthetics led to an influx of requests from friends and family.

Motivated by the demand, I envisioned an umbrella that would be small yet sturdy, collapsible yet ornamental—a sanctuary for the sun-sensitive plants, enriching the ambiance of gardens and patios.

After numerous attempts and design tweaks, the CLASSY SHADE Ornamental Plant Umbrella emerged.

Today, the CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella, an emblem of perseverance and innovation, is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors—beautifying gardens while offering respite to our delicate, sun-worn flora.