Unboxing your product

Don't let uncertainty hold you back. We’ve got some of your questions answered below

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By Classy shades

opening shipment

Introduction - Congratulations on receiving your Classy Shade shipment! Our products, from the elegant umbrella frames and canopies to the whimsical tree ornaments and planter sculptures, are designed to elevate your outdoor space. However, to get the most out of these items, it's crucial to open your shipment correctly and verify each component. Follow this step-by-step guide for a smooth unboxing experience.

Opening Your Shipment

Start by carefully opening the shipping container. It's a good idea to save the shipping box and product bag for later storage. Next, cross-check the order confirmation against the packing slip to ensure all the listed components are included.

Inspection and Verification

Verify each component for its size, shape, color, and make sure it includes all elements of the respective device. Also, ensure there are no defects in any of the devices. This step is particularly crucial for products with moving parts, like the umbrella frame.

Make sure the umbrella frame lift ring is locked closed unless all arms have been spread to permit the lift ring to raise. Additionally, verify that the umbrella frame lock pin fits under the lower ring of the raised lift ring and above the upper lift ring stop spacer.

Fitting Mating Components

It's crucial to ensure that all the components fit together properly. Verify the following:

  • The umbrella frame blade fits within the receiving pocket of the mating base or extension.
  • The umbrella frame lift ring slides up and down to open and close the arms.
  • The umbrella canopy mounts onto the frame arms.
  • The base upright screws into the base platform receiving nut.
  • The umbrella lamp holder receives the umbrella flashlight directed both upward or downward, and it turns on and off properly. Note: the flashlight batteries have a limited life and should be turned off as soon as appropriate to prolong useful battery life.
  • The umbrella holder and lamp hang from the umbrella frame top spacer.
  • The ornament hangers fit the ornament.
  • The ornament lamp holder fits into the ornament and that it receives the solar LED lamp. Ensure the ornament solar LED lamp comes on and goes off by ambient light, dark, and by switch.


Unboxing your Classy Shade products is the first step to enhancing your garden decor. Take your time to verify each component to ensure a hassle-free setup. Enjoy your new Classy Shade additions, and may they bring charm and comfort to your outdoor space for many years to come!